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Charity Work

Giving Back...

Charity Fundraisers

Firstly, the BIGGEST THANK YOU to everyone that supports our fundraisers - whether it's ordering, sharing, engaging or just having a natter with your friends about it, you are part of this journey so thank you! 

Find out what charities we've been supporting and current fundraisers...


NHS Charities Together

During 2020 we saw it our duty to contribute positively to the pandemic and use our skills to raise money for NHS Charities Together here in the UK. Today we are proud to say, that by donating proceeds from our 'Face Coverings' sales, with your help we managed to donate over £1,000 to such a vital cause!

Supporting CoppaFeel!

We are asking you to remember to CoppaFeel! Through dance, fitness and movement we connect with our bodies and discover the wonders of what we can do with hard work and dedication - so we are encouraging you to keep your incredible body at the forefront of your mind and get to know your boobs. We will be supporting the awareness campaign and raising funds for CoppaFeel! 

Have you checked your boobs recently?

 Visit the Self-Checkout here!

Text 'Boob' to 82228 for your FREE monthly text reminder service

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Supporting Mind

Hands up, who found pole, aerial or dance through Mental Health struggles?!


From conversations with many people within the aerial community it's safe to say a high percentage of us find some sort of peace via our studios/practices and being along side like minded people to ease those struggles. Mental health is as important as physical health so we will be supporting Mind Mental Health Charity's awareness campaign and fund raising. 

Find out about the amazing services on offer at Mind here...

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